Shamiana Rooftop Restaurant

A delectable meal and a sublime view of the water, they say, is the best dinner theater in the world. Add to that architectural depiction of glorious history, the skyline of an ancient city with modern perceptions, and you have a place where culinary masterpieces may take shape. Such a place has the name and it’s called Shamiana Rooftop Restaurant. When you dine at this magical place, which sits on twin terraces atop one of the best boutique hotels within the old quarters of Udaipur city by the picture-perfect and serene Lake Pichola, you’ll feel as if you are floating with blue skies above and calm waters below.

But the restaurant doesn’t just bank on its breathtaking setting, the chefs make innovative use of local ingredients such as ker, sesame seeds and authentic Rajasthani red chillies to dish out mouth watering local and global fusion delicacies.

Feast your eyes on spectacular sights, dive in a burst of aromas, and indulge your taste buds in delicious fare at Shamiana. Great food accompanied with impeccable hospitality and hand-crafted beverages, Shamiana offers the best dining experience in Udaipur. Here, you may find yourself getting lost to the old-world charm of a bygone era.

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Its exuberance and high-spirited-ness lits up everyone's mood in a refreshing way..



One of the very finest dining experience!The live music & outdoor sitting qith beautiful lights just elevates the mood to another level. Food quality is awesome but the prices are on a bit higher side. Waiting periods can get frustratingly long during weekends, but once you sit down to dine you surely wouldn’t wanna leave from there.

Ravi Rathore